OC Dems Pull Endorsement for Phil Bacerra’s Santa Ana City Council Bid

There’s always the Santa Ana Police Officers Association…

The Democratic Party of Orange County’s central committee held a meeting last night that addressed an endorsement given to Phil Bacerra, a Democrat running for Santa Ana city council. A source informs the Weekly that delegates voted 34-10 to suspend it. The double take followed domestic violence allegations against Bacerra by Griselda Govea, a former girlfriend of the candidate. Democratic Party officials responded to her public accusations by hiring an attorney to conduct an investigation and issue a report on its findings.

“What he did to me really happened,” Govea tells the Weekly. “They hired a professional to get to the bottom of it and they did. The conclusion is based off the findings, not emotions.”

Govea recounted her years-long relationship with Bacerra in an earlier interview with the Weekly and described it as one that turned verbally, mentally and physically abusive. She alleged that on separate occasions, Bacerra slammed her against a wall, spat on her and kicked dirt in her face. She provided the Weekly with emails from 2010 where she wrote Bacerra accusing him of having laid his hands on her and spat on her.

“The Democratic Party of Orange County takes allegations of abuse seriously,” says Rachel Potucek, DPOC communication director, in a statement to the Weekly. “After conducting a thorough investigation with full participation of both parties, the Central Committee voted to suspend its endorsement of Mr. Bacerra for Santa Ana City Council, Ward 4 at this time.”

But Bacerra is claiming internal party politics, not the investigation, are to blame for the endorsement dump. “After being a lifelong Democrat, like many others, I’m very disappointed in my party,” Bacerra tells the Weekly in an email. “Even after an independent, thorough, and impartial investigation–which I cooperated with fully–was completed and found no proof of these claims and issued a report that came back inconclusive, some members of the county party leadership, who are working directly with my opponent, continued to participate in this cheap political theater.”

Prior to last night’s vote, Bacerra denied all allegations made against him after Govea went public with her story.  “While our relationship was unhealthy, I was never physically abusive,” Bacerra stated. “I have never in my life laid my hand on a woman in violence. I was far from the perfect boyfriend and I regret and apologize for the harsh words said during emotionally-charged arguments.”

The Orange County Young Democrats’ Executive Board quickly moved to revoke the endorsement they gave Bacerra in September shortly after Govea made her accusations public earlier this month. An online petition called for Bacerra to drop out of the Ward 4 race against fellow Democrat Roman Reyna, but his campaign carries on.

With both endorsements gone, Govea feels a greater sense of vindication. She hopes her story will similarly resonate with the local electorate.

“This should make the Santa Ana voters accountable for whom they put in a position of power,” Govea adds. “Exactly what I’ve been when saying from the beginning [is] let’s be accountable and do our homework with these candidates. Stop these type of abusers from getting into a political position of power.”

Story updated with DPOC spokeswoman’s comment on Bacerra’s endorsement suspension. 

14 Replies to “OC Dems Pull Endorsement for Phil Bacerra’s Santa Ana City Council Bid”

  1. This domestic abuser sounds like he follows Trump’s playbook. Just deny even though the vote is 34-10.

    I wonder who the 10 no votes were….probably friends of his. Bacerra needs to be punished.

  2. So when will the DPOC revisit the allegations against Victor Valledares which have been long reported, documented.

    The politics are inside baseball at its WORSE.

  3. HELLO… did nobody see the part that the investigation “was completed and found no proof of these claims and issued a report that came back inconclusive”. That’s crazy that it doesn’t seem to matter. It definitely rings of Guilty until proven innocent and perhaps not even then. What strange times we live in…

    1. The Register reported Bacerra’s neighbors said he beat her and that he would pick fights with neighbors after binge drinking.

      As a Dem, I am ashamed my party sent mail promoting Bacerra even though he beat his girlfriend. Bacerra is bad for Santa Ana…PERIOD!

    2. Connie you sound like the crazy Left! Defending a women abuser. What crazy times we do live in. Did you not read any of the articles or are you just crushing hard on Phil? Next thing you’ll be defending child molesters. Why? Because the child didn’t call the cops on time for a police report. Dang! Sure hope you have no kids. They’ll be screwed if anything happened to them with you as their mom.

    3. I don’t think the point of this article is to report that this man was found guilty or not.

      The point of this article is to report that HIS OWN POLITICAL PARTY found him unfit in some way and voted to drop their endorsement.

      You missed the point.

  4. The truth is that no one can take the democratic party serious any longer to represent America Liberal Democrats WANT Americans TO DIE

    Democrats are saying; “You must die at the hands of illegal aliens, and you must also shut up about it.”

    In November, the Democrats will run on maintaining a slave class and putting OUR lives at risk.

    Their rebuttal to not wanting enslavement and lawlessness?

    “F*CK YOU!”

    When you have an open border with a country as corrupt as Mexico, these things will happen.

    Open borders create a slave class, and they allow criminals to come and go as they please.

    The demonic hatred of Donald J. Trump tells you that supporting him is the right thing to do.

    I was a Democrat until 4 yrs ago. My dad was, his dad was, etc. democrats WERE FOR the working man/woman. Then they (the politicians) became the party for themselves, and the free loaders and the working man footing the bill. My Dad is probably rolling over in
    his grave at what the world has become. So Sad! If The democratic party prefers to represent Illegals instead of american citizens they need move to their country

  5. WELL HERE YOU HAVE IT, FOLKS! The results are in and this man was turned down from his OWN political party 34-10.

    I hope people wise up now about putting someone like this in office. I’ve had personal experiences with this man that showed very poor character. I would not trust him to run my lemonade stand, let alone be around my family.

    Please vote wisely this election. SANTA ANA DESERVES BETTER than this out-of-town domestic abuser and drunk.

  6. If I would of known that Bacerra had abused his former girlfriend. I wouldn’t of voted for him. My vote would of went to a healthy mentally candidate to represent the people in Santa Ana. There is never an excuse to verbally, hit, abuse, and with words to degrade another human being.

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