OC Bodyguard’s Concealed Carry Permit Suspended Over Santa Barbara Incident

Bair behaving badly. Courtesy SBSO

When this infernal rag spotlighted the splendors of Santa Barbara as part of last month’s travel issue, we encouraged local readers to take in a little wine tasting and horseback riding while central coasting. Orange County bodyguard Christopher Michael Bair, 34, must have missed our pro-tips. Authorities arrested him on Thursday for brandishing a firearm and making felony terrorist threats during a parking lot rage incident on State Street, Santa Barbara’s main thoroughfare. 

But to be fair to Bair, he was on the job, not vacationing. Still, as the Santa Barbara Independent reported, an unnamed OC attorney and Bair waited for four teenage girls to return from a candy shop on State Street when another man driving a Porsche took umbrage at their SUV being parked in a red zone. That set the stage for what came next. 

Bair reportedly hopped out of the SUV and confronted the man. He allegedly threatened to kick his ass while pointing a gun at him. But everything was copacetic, Bair explained, because he had a concealed carry permit to brandish his steel. Authorities didn’t see it that way when they arrived on scene and hauled him off to jail on $50,000 bail. 

About that concealed carry permit. 

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) issued Bair a suspension letter telling him to show up and surrender the permit. “He recently renewed his permit in March and as part of the renewal process was reminded of the terms, which include a requirement to contact our department within five days of any contact with a law enforcement agency,” writes Carrie Braun, OCSD spokeswoman. 

On social media, Bair identifies himself as a former army sergeant and director of corporate security for Pacific Trial Attorneys in Newport Beach. The Weekly asked Pacific Trial Attorneys if he works for them as a bodyguard or if last week’s incident in Santa Barbara got him canned, but received no response.

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