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Hey, heard about that new George Romero zombie movie, DIARY OF THE DEAD? Pissed off that L.A. got it last week and we didn't? Well, turns out it was worth the wait.

Any fans interested in checking out DIARY OF THE DEAD among like-minded individuals (as opposed to the typical mall multiplex denizens, who are only zombie-like) needs to come on down tomorrow, February 22nd, to the Irvine University 6 theater at around 7 p.m. Prior to the 7:40 showing, there will be special giveaways — but you need to come in your best undead attire to qualify for them.

Sources tell us that other theaters will be looking very closely at the 6-plex's box office receipts…If it does well, they'll think about spreading it to their own halls, like some zombie contagion.

I haven't seen the movie yet myself, but I damn sure hope it's better than LAND OF THE DEAD. The positive reviews seem to imply that it is, but they're only at 59%.

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