Now Open At The OC Mix: Temakira and Farm & Culture Co.

Just when we thought The OC Mix has covered all things tasty, they drop in a few more tenants. Launching in time for that last minute shopping break, diners can choose between two casual concepts. If you can't decide, no problem. They're affordable to the point that you can visit both without breaking the bank.

Temakira's second Costa Mesa outpost opened last Thursday. Presenting original and customized sushi hand rolls, we're digging the no-nonsense vibe and designated seating area by the building's main entrance. Simply prepared bites utilizing fresh ingredients is key to their success. Expect beer, wine and sake service in the near future, and location number three to open their doors very soon over at UC Irvine's University Center. Zesty miso (pictured) features salmon, daikon sprouts and cucumbers. The Garden (on right) includes avocado, sauteed mushroom, red cabbage and asparagus. 

Across the way, Farm & Culture set up shop a couple of months ago. Offering the county's first kombucha and bone broth bar, we were curious about their liquid nourishment. On tap, four distinct, bubbly beverages chock full of probiotics. A raspberry decaf was sweet without being cloying. Jalapeno cilantro was made without the seeds, so it isn't particularly spicy. If a beverage could taste pretty, then their lavender blackberry should win a prize right now. Basil mint was easily our favorite, giving us mojito flashbacks. Can't decide? Request a $5 flight and conduct your own taste test.

For something different, pick up a bottle of What the Shuck— their collaboration with neighbor Shuck Oyster Bar. The Thai basil and lychee blend is a refreshing one. Broths are of the beef or chicken variety. Simply prepared, an eight-ounce pour is served with a slew of add-ons: tumeric, salt, green onion, garam masala spice and butter. Dab a little of everything for a savory pick-me-up. We obsessed over their jarred selection of fermented bites. Our favorites were a tangy mango chutney and cranberry apple orange relish, both priced at $5.

If you're missing N'ice Cream, head around the corner to recently opened ST Patisserie Chocolat for sweet delights. A retail extension of Stephane Treand's pastry school, macarons, truffles and other treats will certainly fill the void. Now excuse us while we grab a cup of kombucha.

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