Noble Ale Works Anniversary This Saturday!

Before catching the Ducks, I dropped by Noble Ale Works for a little pre-game drinking. Only a handful of us were seated, but within 30 minutes the line was out the door. Included in that line–Anaheim mayor Tom Tait. Hey, even mayors like a cold brew.

While finishing my Papa was a Rollin' Stonefruit (black apricot ale), I also spotted Head Brewer Evan Price conducting some quality control tasting. As my eyes wandered around the tasting room, I focused on a sign for this weekend's anniversary party. Has it really been three years? And more importantly, how are they celebratingwhat are they pouring?


A little bit of everything, based on the list from100eats. Notables include Naughty Sauce and one that Evan allowed us to sample called The Messenger (pictured on the right). A collaboration beer, it was fruity and bright, with a refreshing aroma of one unique ingredient: Buddha's hand.

You can expect to see food trucks, but they are not included in the cost of your ticket. Prices start at $40. However, this reduced rate ends today. Another $10 gets folks in the event a full hour earlier. Great if you want to beat the rush. Just bear in mind that all prices are about to go up.

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