No Jokes, Only Free Food: April 1 Deals

Free food comes in many forms, and waiting outside of a restaurant overnight is one of them. But instead of putting you through that, we found a couple of bargains to kickoff the new month. Call it our “Surf & Turf” combo.

Our fun-loving brick-and-mortar duo at Slapfish want to give folks something to shoot. And by shoot, we mean Instagram. 

Andrew and Jethro's one-day deal revolves around their new lobster
burger. Crafted from Maine shellfish, housemade pickles, lettuce, tomato
and A1 lobster sauce, it's nestled inside a (what else?) OC Baking
Company brioche bun. Retailing for $12.50, the first 20 eaters who agree to #instagram their burger will be getting it for FREE. And what time do they open today? 11 a.m.

Meanwhile, between noon and 3 p.m. in Old Town Orange's Haven Gastropub, Executive Chef Greg Daniels, his wife, Abby, and the Haven collective are forming a team for March of Dimes' “March for Babies” event on April 28. Come and meet Madeleine, Greg and Abby's daughter, who was born with complications. The March of Dimes provided services during Madeleine's stay in the neonatal intensive care unit.

By joining their team, you're not only rewarded with a complimentary Haven Burger, but the satisfaction in knowing you're helping a worthy cause. That's a win-win, as far as we're concerned.

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