No Doubt to Release Tragic Kingdom on Rock Band

No Doubt hasn't had much luck with the video game world.

Last time we checked in, they were suing Activision for an undisclosed sum for using their likenesses in Band Hero–while they had given permission to the company to appear in the video game, No Doubt claims they had no idea that their likenesses could be used to perform any songs (read: non-No Doubt) in the game. No Doubt's manager Jim Guerinot even said that the band was being transformed into a “virtual karaoke circus act.”

But now it's been announced by G4 TV that Guitar/Band Hero nemesis Rock Band will make the entirety of Tragic Kingdom available for play. Rock Band, notably, does not use the avatars of bands or band members in their video games.

A complete tracklisting of songs to be included:

  • No Doubt – “Different People”
  • No Doubt – “End It on This”
  • No Doubt – “Happy Now?”
  • No Doubt – “Hey You”
  • No Doubt – “Sixteen”
  • No Doubt – “The Climb”
  • No Doubt – “Tragic Kingdom”
  • No Doubt – “World Go 'Round”
  • No Doubt – “You Can Do It”

All these tracks will be available for purchase starting tomorrow, May 4, on the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. Songs will be $1.99 each, $14.99 for new tracks not previously released and $19.99 for the entire Tragic Kingdom

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