No. 81, Slice of Heaven at Pie-Not

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There are restaurants that offer desserts to appease sugar-laden American palates, and then there are places that just do what they want. Costa Mesa's Aussie bakery Pie-Not does the latter. They're named for their hand-held “brekkie” pies (seriously, you'll be chided for requesting a fork), but their sweets put afterthought sundaes to shame.


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Case in point: the aptly named Slice of Heaven. The tri-layered dessert is more a bar than a slice, with rich caramel sandwiched between a coconut macaroon-like shortbread crust and milk chocolate.

The profile of the square treat is ombré, with the color moving from tan to brown in each layer. A cluster of pink sea salt flakes sit atop the chocolate. The clustered salt only allows for one bite where the salt-flecked chocolate melds with the coconut rich caramel, but this doesn't prevent you from happily scarfing down the bar. You know you really paid the $3 for that bite, but it was worth it.

The shortbread provides a satisfying crunch, with the added nuttiness of shredded coconut. The thick caramel tempers the crunch with a taffy-like pull and the bar alternates between chewy, gooey and crisp. While milk chocolate can be sickly sweet, the Slice of Heaven avoids cloying Hershey territory. The milk chocolate provides a mellow landscape for this medley to shine.

Really, the bar resembles an old childhood holdover: the Twix, if the Twix had coconut and a better salty sweetness.

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