Nietzsche in Newport

Scooter Libby gets indicted, and I feel like a party, which is how I find myself at [seven-degrees]in Laguna Beach for ex-world skateboarding champion Pierre Andr Senizergues'annual Halloweenhootenanny, which I can describe with just three words: off the hizzy.

Pierre owns Sole Technology, the company that makes all your favorite skate shoes, from Emericato Etnies, and every year for the past 10 or so, he's thrown an out-of-control rager at his Newport Beachhome. This year, city officials in what may be OC's most conservative town forbade him the free use of his property—violating his Fourth Amendment rights and requiring the rental of a venue, hence [seven-degrees]. His publicist Brendamade sure things ran swimmingly.

The party was about as sick as it could be, with a few hundred guests and an open bar. There was food, but I ignored it. Everyone was awesome, the average age about late 20s and average sexiness very high. Nobody seemed coked out; you got the feeling that this was a healthy crowd. As we sauntered into the main dance area, I noticed a reel-to-reel projecting Kon-Tikion one of the walls. This pleased me. What pleased me more was the spinning of DJ Peyote Cody, who followed “Smack My Bitch Up”with “Barracuda.” A guy dressed as a houseplantdanced with a woman dressed as a donkey. SpongeBob Squarepantsgot a lot of love from the ladies, as one would expect, and The Corpse Bridelooked lovely in her decaying skin. I went dressed as a New York stockbroker, meaning I threw on a sports coat. If there had been a contest for best costume, it would undoubtedly have gone to yours truly, not that guy who came dressed as a wooden spoon.

Pro skatersare wacky. Zany, even. Present at the gala were Mark Appleyard, Arto Saari, Ryan Cash, Mark Hickmanand various others who, because of their costumes and my not caring, went unrecognized. I did care about Arto, seeing as how I used to look exactly like him. When I told him this, we both thanked the good Lordthat such was no longer the case. Hickman is a nut, to wit: “Nietzsche is a shit. OC is a disenfranchised, incestuous, material hole that gobbles its youth in their compromising positions and allows its people to exhibit the worst of humankind.” True dat, brotha. Couldn't have said it crazier myself.

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