Nickelback Reacts To Hater Comments

Nickelback may be the “second most hated band of all time,” but that did not prevent the band from signing a new world-wide recording deal with industry giant BMG.

All Nickelback jokes aside, the Alt Pop Rock band has 23 No. 1 singles and has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. According to stats from BMG, Nickelback is the “eleventh best-selling music act” and second best-selling foreign act in the U.S. of the 21st century — behind only The Beatles, as reported by (How can this be?!)

“We never got into this to be the most hated band in the world, trust me, we never tried to aspire to that,” rhythm guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist Ryan Peake told The Interns. “It gets very easy to tell people how much you hate things. With the internet today, you can hear what everybody thinks.”

Lead singer Chad Kroeger has a theory as to why everyone hates Nickelback: .

“Over-saturation is one of the biggest reasons for the bashing,” Kroeger told Guide Live. “In 2006, so many formats were playing us, from active rock to pop to Hot AC, which is a wonderful problem to have if you are one of the members of Nickelback. But for someone who doesn’t like the band and has to change the radio station three times, I can see how the hate would grow.”

What haters may not be aware of is the band’s 10+ year involvement in philanthropic causes, like providing people in Africa with clean water. You also have to give props to the band for gracefully baring the brunt of a constant barrage of disrespect.

Nickelback will be releasing a new single titled “Feed the Machine” and a tour announcement on February 1, 2017.

Fantastic disses and the band’s reaction to the hatersphere below. Quotation above via





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