Nice to Bump Me

You are the person who backed her parked car out of its space and right into my rear bumper. I was in the building at the time and didn't see what happened next. But I found a note on my windshield later. What you wrote was, as it turned out, not “Ha, ha! I hit your car and am only pretending to write my contact info on this piece of paper!” but your real name and number. And when I called, you promptly texted me all the info needed. Luckily, it was just the bumper that got smushed, and your insurance company speedily set up the repair. In the meantime, I had to drive a rented Beetle, an ugly white one without a vase on the dash. But I'm not the one who deserves a flower—you are. As you said on the phone, if it had happened to you, you'd want someone to leave a note. So I hope lots of good karma is coming your way, instantly.

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