Next Week Is Bottle Logic's Week of Logic One-Year Birthday Celebration

It's been nearly a year since Orange County has had the pleasure of welcoming Bottle Logic Brewing to its beerscape, and now its time to celebrate said year with some drinking of epic proportions. The Bottle Logic birthday party will consist of an entire week of specialty beer releases that they're coining as the Week of Logic. This seven-day event is open to the public and will showcase a different barrel-aged beer each day from March 22 to 28.


Beers like an original barrel of their Buffalo Trace bourbon barrel-aged Darkstar November imperial stout, Sour Prince aged in oak barrels, and Dr. Strangematter aged in chardonnay barrels will hit the taproom stage, surely dazzling your barrel-loving tastebuds. But don't think this will be a week of best hits. Naturally, the Bottle Logic team has plenty of new beers to release, such as their Sangria Tripel aged in red and white wine barrels and their Cobalitc Porter aged in Nicaraguan rum barrels.

Bottle Logic founder Steve Napolitano says the week will be, “an experiment–a fun exploration, kind of like our beers.”

While each day that week will offer something new and tasty to try, the mother of all releases is scheduled for the last day of the festivities. Bottle Logic will introduce their anniversary beer: Ideation, a wheat wine aged for 10 months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. This brew couldn't be a better salute to the time, dedication and quirk incorporated in the lovable brewery.

An uncommon style of beer, this hyper hopped and slightly sweet barrel aged wheat wine fits with the aesthetic, style, and originality that is Bottle Logic Brewing.

Another feature of Bottle Logic's Week of Logic is their custom designed passports intended for those ├╝ber passionate BL fans who plan to drink their way through the week. These passports will allow avid attendees to jot down notes on these special beers and collect stamps for each beer they drink. Bottle Logic will reward these tenacious passport holders with prizes corresponding to varied levels of stamp collection.

Congrats on your first year of production, Bottle Logic. We look forward to more.

Here's a complete list of beer releases throughout the Week of Logic:

-Darkstar November 2014 – Imperial Stout aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels
-Dr. Strangematter – Imperial Saison aged in Chardonnay Barrels
-War & Peach – Wheat Ale with Peaches and Habaneros
-Sour Prince – Saison soured in Oak Barrels for One Year
-Holy Cow – Milk Stout with Roasted Green Curry
-Dark & Stormy – Ginger Beer aged in Rum Barrels
-Green Jade – Green Tea IPA
-Teacursion – Tropical Tea IPA
-Passionate Dragon: Collaboration with Arizona Wilderness Brewing– Sasion brewed with Passion Fruit and Dragon Fruit, aged in Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel Barrels for Eight Months
-Anaheim, California – Wheat Ale with Anaheim and California Peppers
-Toasted in Tahiti – Wheat Ale with Coffee and Coconut
-CobalticPorter – Baltic Porter Aged in Nicaraguan Rum Barrels
-Fundamental Observation – Imperial Vanilla Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels
-Imperial Hodor – Imperial Brown Ale Brewed with Medieval Spices
-Sangria Tripel – Belgian Tripel Brewed with Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Orange Zest, Aged in Red and White Wine Barrels
-The Greyhound – West Coast IPA with Fresh Grapefruit Zest
-Darkstar November: Brewmaster's Reserve Barrel – The Best Barrel of the 2014 Batch, Allowed to Age for a Full Year
-POG Juice – Wheat Ale with Fresh Pineapple, Orange and Guava Juices
-Ideation 2015 – Anniversary Wheat Wine

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