Wild Rivers to Finally Close and Become… A Water Park

We missed this item on the LA Times's Funland blog on Monday. Apparently, Irvine water park Wild Rivers, which has spent the better part of its decade proclaiming it would soon shut down but never actually doing so, may finally see its last day in 2010.

In its place would be a seemingly identical water park, owned by the same people as before, but with a different name: Splash Canyon.

The business backers of Wild Rivers are raising money to open new parks in Temecula, Bakersfield and Irvine.

The offerings at the new park, according to the Times:

Tentative plans for the Irvine water park include:
* Water coaster with a magnetic lift hill
* Family raft ride
* One or two wave pools
* Lazy river
* Half-pipe raft slide
* Bowl slide
* Rain forest play area with a giant water bucket

The developers plan to team up with the Discovery Science Center to create an educational theme for the Irvine water park.

A good number of those things are already at the park. Hmmm. We've got calls/emails out to Wild Rivers and Splash Canyon; we'll let you know the details as they come in.

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