Why Not Draw and Quarter Obama and Judge Carter?

The reactions to yesterday's dismissal of Orly Taitz's Barnett v. Obama lawsuit continue to pour in. Taitz has been publishing letters from her followers non-stop on her blog. This charmer just got put up, addressing Federal Judge David O. Carter, who presides in Santa Ana:


…Such wickedness needs to be exposed when patriots
like my son have died to preserve the very liberties people like Obama
and Carter are selling off wholesale.  The penalty for treason and
traitors used to be the death penalty and, in England, the punishment
meant being hanged, drawn and quartered Click Here  This is clearly appropriate here.

What can be done now?  I don't know.  Any ideas?

All I know is that I love the hope-giving quote you shared:  During
the Revolutionary War, 70% of the people were either loyal to the
British Crown or apathetic–the other 30% formed a new nation.


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Keep in mind that Taitz didn't merely allow this stuff to be posted in
her comments section; rather, she copy-pasted it into its own post.
This isn't the  first time she has seemed to endorse violence against
judges and the President, but it's one of the more distateful examples
in my mind.

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