When looking out the window just won't do…

Hey, you know how hard it is to tell what the weather's like outside? Wait…you don't? Oh right, we don't really have “weather,” per se. But imagine if you did, and let's say, hypothetically, you lived someplace where it could be cold outside even if the sun's still shining, like maybe Canada (do we have any Canadian readers? Howdy, eh?).

That is when you could use the services of My Little Weather Buddy. A static cling sticker to slap on the outside of your nearest window, this li'l kid has clothes that appear and disappear depending on what the temperature's like outside (but don't get excited, Catholic priests — he never wears less than a t-shirt and shorts. Besides, he's a cartoon. Though if they could rework the whole concept with a photo-realistic chick in a bikini, the money-making prospects seem endless).

We slapped the sticker on the cubicle window of managing editor Rich Kane, and even though it's all cold and dark inside Rich's realm, the clothes on the kid haven't changed, as you'll see from the photo after the cut. It's more fun to play around with the virtual version on the Weather Buddy website.


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