What Do We Think about the Register's New Site?

The OC Register has unveiled a redesign for its website. Preview it here or check the advanced before-and-after screenshot graphic we assembled below:

They're asking for your feedback, so give it to 'em. But let's talk first here.

My first thought: Whoa, boring. Where did all the orange go? Why don't these headlines about dirty illegals and plastic surgery scream like they did before? And why has the little bookmark icon in my Firefox tab turned from a jaunty, stylish orange into a sallow, pixelated beet?

But I could come to like the change. The new design is cleaner. And it is cool that you'll be able to personalize the site by reshuffling which boxes you want up top. Local news, you go on the bottom. Style Binge blog, you're my new front page.

My main concern is that with the old site, I could click on an article, go walk the dog, and the article would have just finished loading by the time I returned. Will this new site sync to my reeeelaxed, slow-pace SoCal lifestyle — or will it actually move at the speed you'd expect a daily news organization in 2009 to move at? I hope it's the former.

Thoughts? Leave a comment.

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