Wednesday's Headlines. No Surprises: Disney wins

  • More dirt on Debbie? Yesterday we noted that Debbie Carona was doing her darndest to wriggle her way out of a case that's mainly against her husband. Wait a second, missy. Today, Christine Hanley and Garrett Therolf at the Times report that the sheriff's wife urged Orange County Fair Board directors to support a swap meet operator who donated thousands to her husband's political campaigns despite a proposal from rival firm. Hanley and Therolf are having tons of fun poking around the Costa Mesa fair grounds for dirt on Debbie, who sits on the fair board. Earlier in the month, they reported that the owners of the Giant Paintball Park (which is currently on the fair grounds) paid the Caronas $25,000 for their help in landing such a primo paintballing spot.
  • Fire season still on in OC: The National Weather Service has declared a red-flag warning from 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Orange County's canyons today. The Santa Anas are expected to reach 55 mph in eastern OC today while humidity drops to 10-15 percent.
  • Game over: Disney wins its war on cheap housing near its Anaheim resort, report the Times and Register. As expected, the Anaheim City Council voted yesterday to withdraw its support of the proposed housing project near the park.
  • Injured joggers win big: Two ladies who became quadriplegic after being struck by a car in a Dana Point bike lane in 2006 are getting $50 million from the city for their pains. The hit-and-run driver, William Todd Bradshaw, is serving four years in prison.

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