Wednesday's Headlines: Fishnets: yes. Hijabs: no.

  • Fishnets fine, but no hijabs: Souhair Khatib, a Muslim lady who was jailed for a probation violation last November, is suing the Orange County Sheriff's Department for allegedly violating her religious rights by forcing her to remove her head scarf. Jail officials say they had her hijab removed because it could have been used to choke someone. But Khatib says she saw another jailed woman wearing fishnet stockings that were not confiscated – couldn't those have been used to choke as well? Hm? Hm?
  • Martin out, but signature campaign continues: The anti-Harald Martin campaign is still going strong even with the controversial school trustee's resignation. The group is reportedly trying to force an election to fill his seat instead of allowing the board to make another appointment.
  • Get spayed or get out: First Huntington Beach banned nudity, now the city's passing a law that will force pet owners to spay/neuter and microchip their cats and dogs.
  • Hot, hot, hot: Not one, not two, but five heat+blackoutrelated stories in today's LA Times California section.
  • To do tonight: Check out the SoCal Independent Film Festival. Tonight's films: Float, “The story of an optimistic fool who is trying to make an 'Oscar-worthy' film… about a floating women's prison,” and Script Cops, “An irreverent parody about cops who arrest people for bad screenwriting.” Details here.

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