Wax On, Wax Off: Rob Machado Surf Experience and Green Expo This Weekend

From 1996 to 2005, Rob Machado used to do this big event called the Rob Machado Surf Experience at Cardiff State Beach down south. But after four years off, the event is back in action in the quiet beachside community. A joint venture with the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce, the event has come under fire in Cardiff in the past for its size and impact on the small town. The event and the contests it included drew crowds from all over Southern California.

But it's a volunteer corps of Cardiff residents who, along with the Machados, have kickstarted the event's return, combining it with a green expo that was started just last summer.

With a renewed focus on green living and environmental preservation, the Rob Machado Surf Experience and Green Expo: 2009 is a gathering where people  can bring their families and celebrate these ideals along with an appreciation of Southern California's seaside lifestyle.

Local restaurants will be providing “compostable utensils and cups as well as organic syrups for the Hawaiian shaved ice.” Vendors of all kinds will showcase green products for the homes and lifestyles of beach goers. 

Major events during the beach fair/expo thingie will include a “shape-off” in which contestants shape surf equipment using green materials and techniques, a kiddie surf contest, concerts, and more. A few kids from Orange County will be competing, and despite the event's very local character, you're sure to find some familiar faces who have ventured beyond the Orange curtain to check it out.

Scheduling, directions and more are available on the event website at www.RobMachadoSurfExperience.com.
For more about Rob Machado and some of the cool things he's been up to in his environmental work, the surfing world and beyond, check out his website at www.RobMachado.com.

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