Wax On, Wax Off: Nolan Hall of Japanese Motors

Today, we're hearing from

OC Weekly: What are your influences as a guitarist? Doesn't have to be just bands. Could be anything–art, surfing, cultural stuff, whatever. Anything that has an effect on your guitar playing.

Nolan Hall: I like seeing bands that I wouldn't normally see, music that's not necessarily rock. Whether it be like some Mexican music on the radio, or classical…I like finding things inside other things.


OCW: And what are some of the bands that you're listening to these days?


NH: When the big swell was here, I just rode this 6'3″ fish. Surfed at Lowers and…I don't know, some other beach. And I've been riding Al [Knost's]…shit, how long is it?…9'8″ I think. A Marshall.

OCW: Speaking of equipment, why is the

OCW: Who would've known you'd be touring with Modest Mouse earlier this year?
NH: Ya, so stoked. Tie all that shit together.

For more about Nolan, check out his blog at www.Nolan-Hall.blogspot.com.