Wally George Archives: Outta Here?

I recently had occasion to talk to Bert Ellis, new owner of KDOC, which of course was the home for years of the infamous teflon-toupeed conservative combat-TV host Wally George. Wally, as you probably know, was the forerunner of today's pretenders to the throne like Bill O'Reilly, and in college I even named my band after one of his catchphrases…”His Wife Bruce” (a line Wally would use to imply a guest was gay).

So it saddened me to hear that when Ellis took over, he found that the previous management would simply tape over Wally's old shows when recording new ones, and many of the archived episodes have been lost — the recent three-hour tribute show represents the best of what they could salvage.

He was also unaware, until I told him, that Wally put out at least two record albums — one titled “Wally George Sings the Rock Hits” and the other an E.P. called “Wal-ly, Wal-ly.” I met Wally when he did a live show at a brewpub back in 1997, and asked him about the albums. He claimed they'd be made available again, but they never were.

Anyway, Ellis is looking to KDOC's history for some of the station's richer properties, and is interested in restoring as much of the Wally George legacy as he can. If you have videotapes of old Wally shows, or copies of his record albums, he wants you to contact him.

With his permission, his email is reprinted below. Shoot him a message if you can add anything to the Wally legacy.


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