Updated: DUI Crackdown in OC's Three Biggest Party Towns Tonight

Watch out, sinning citizens of OC's sinningest towns. The OC Sheriff's Department will be on the streets tonight looking for drunk drivers as part of a federal anti-DUI program that targets “areas that have a high incidence of DUI related arrests and collisions.”

So, naturally, they're headed for the county's three biggest party zones: Lake Forest, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Magarita.

That's right. Those of you drinking Patron with your pies at Cocos off Crown Valley, beware. Think twice before getting behind the wheel after gulping PBRs at the TGIF in RSM. And for the love of Rick Warren, cancel your kegger planned for the Saddleback Church parking lot.

Sheriff's department spokesman John McDonald says police try to “even it out among the cities” over time as to where they patrol for DUIs. So it's sort of just part of the rotation that these three foothill burgs will be saturated by a team of ten or more deputies tonight. The areas they target within the cities, though, will be zones of historically high drunk driving incidences.

Islands patrons, you're on notice! Get a cab!

UPDATE! 4:59 p.m. McDonald called back with the number of DUIs in each city being patrolled tonight. Read on…

In Lake Forest, there have been 152 DUI arrests.

In Mission Viejo, 79.

Rancho Santa Margarita, 53.

What do those numbers men in relation to DUIs in other OC cities? Not sure. McDonald didn't have those numbers on him. But 152 in Lake Forest sounds like a lot for a city of 78,344. Especially when you consider that Mission Viejo has a population of slightly more than 100,000 but has seen only 79 DUI arrests this year.

The top cop for DUI arrests last year was stationed in Stanton, says McDonald. Make of that what you will. And don't drink and drive.

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