Twitter Provides Questions for a Gubernatorial Debate You Won't Attend

So much to learn.

Did you know that there is a Chapman University System? That there's a university in Irvine that's a part of that system? That this university will host two a debate between Republican gubernatorial candidates? And that members of the public had a chance to ask questions in that debate, even though the debate itself isn't open to the public?

Steve Poizner
and Tom Campbell will face off on Wednesday (that's tomorrow) at Brandman University in Irvine in a debate that “is believed to be the first political debate organized via the social networking platform,” according to its press release. (Those YouTube presidential debates may have been social-network-ish, but not social-network organized, I guess.)

Invites to the debate went out in August via Twitter, and tweeters were able to submit questions labeled with the hash tag #cadebate until a few days ago. The subject? “Solutions to the California Financial Crisis.”

High-profile gub'ner candidate Meg Whitman's campaign said, on Twitter, it would “consider the dates and respond soon.” Apparently, the dates didn't work out for her…

You can't attend the debate without an invite, and only a couple hundred of those were sent out. But you can watch live on KOCE-TV, starting at 7 p.m.

AND the Weekly might just be there… #mysterious

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