Travel Back in Time — For Only Fifty Bucks?

A French hypnotherapist whose great-grandfather was a physician for Napolean III says that for fifty bucks, she'll help you reveal whether you were once fighting alongside the stubby, tormented ruler.

That's right, here in the belly of Christian conservatism, there exists a little spot more concerned with your past life (or rather, lives, as most of us have apparently lived hundreds of them), than with the after life. Tonight at Awakenings Bookstore in Laguna Hillds, french hypnotherapist Fabienne Marneau will purportedly give you the opportunity to travel back in time and check out who you've been, what you've done, and what's been done to you. Sounds better than an episode of Lost, or like your own little version of the time travel mind bender. New age skepticism aside, it sounds like a curious way to spend an evening. Reports from those who have undergone “past life regression therapy” say something sort of inexplicable, but believable, happens. Guests tonight are encouraged to bring a blanket, pillow and a bottle of water “for healing purposes” — probably because there's no telling what might happen when you travel back in time.

If any of you skeptics out there decide to make a night out of it, (I unfortunately have another engagement, otherwise I would go see what all this time travel talk is all about), leave comments, let me know if you indeed saw versions of yourself in another time, and what kind of trouble you were getting into in the 13th century.

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