Thursday's Headlines N Surprises: Darth Vader Chases Janet Nguyen

  • Dana on Getting Drunk and Shooting Off: In today’s Daily Pilot, Dana Rohrabacher (R-Skipped Vietnam Combat Duty) argued that Blackwater USA should not be held responsible for the conduct of Blackwater soldiers: “To throw it up at them, ‘Your guy got drunk on Christmas Eve and shot some guy.’ How many people in the world in service in hot spots get drunk and shoot somebody? Let’s not reflect any bad judgment or immorality they may have on Blackwater.” Sure, Blackwater–a firm operated by two of the congressman’s former interns–deserves full immunity for any wrongdong because the $1 billion in federal funds its taken isn’t enough compensation. Dana goes on to claim that holding Blackwater accountable for killing 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians is a trick by liberals to smear soldiers in general. Hey, he’s got at least two believers, which leads us to….
  • Looney Register Reader of the Day: Game’s up. We’ve been exposed. Just beyond the pretty security gates at Dove Canyon, Jon Hanson deciphered the ongoing liberal anti-soldier media conspiracy that now includes everyone at the Orange County Register, except–drum roll, please–Bootlicker. It’s true: Gordon Dillow loves nothing more than the sound of screaming, unarmed civilians unless it’s the smell of a just fired M16 in the sweaty hands of a male soldier wearing a tight fitting if well worn uniform. “Kudos to [Bootlicker] for breaking journalism’s ‘Blue Code of Silence,” wrote Hanson. “When was the last time you remember an article in the Register where the cop was not portrayed as the criminal, the illegal immigrant was not portrayed as the victim, or the valiant U.S. soldier was not a torturer or terrorist in the night?”
  • Revenge of the Sith: First District Republican Supervisor Janet Nguyen made history with her special election victory earlier this year, but she shouldn’t have unpacked. At least that’s the belief of Mike “Darth Vader” Schroeder, who holds Nguyen with the contempt he’d snort at boxed wine. Schroeder wants a more loyal Republican, Trung Nguyen (no relation), in the seat. Over at Buzz, Martin Wisckol reports that a relentless Vader has now asked California Attorney General Jerry Brown to prosecute Janet for perjury. Schroeder claims that the Supe signed campaign documents falsely attesting that illegal contributions had been refunded. Janet, here’s some advice: Yes, you’re a Republican but hire ruthless Democratic operatives Gary South or James Carville. They're among the few folks who can play Vader’s game. If you don’t, go ahead and reserve a U-Haul truck now.
  • Drop it like it's Hot: Reporter Larry Welborn says Snoop Dogg has agreed to rake leaves, wash cars, clean toilets and pick up litter in Orange County for his 160 hours of community service. Weeks ago, Snoop pleaded guilty to possession of an illegal baton at John Wayne Airport in September 2006. The rapper’s lawyer said Snoop, an international celebrity with millions in the bank, is “a man of the people.”
  • It’s the Loretta, Ed N Dana Show: Loretta Sanchez, Dana Rohrabacher and Ed Royce are expected to hold an Orange County town hall meeting with the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam on Oct. 14. According to a press release, the representatives want to give Vietnamese Americans “a forum to express their concerns with the Government of Vietnam and openly discuss issues including humand rights, religious freedom, freedom of expression and trade.” The two-hour event begins at 3 inside the Le-Jao Center at Coastline Community College, 14120 All American Way, Rooms 115-119, in Westminster.
  • Times Gives OC The Finger, Again: No need to read the Times again today. The top five articles in the paper’s online “Orange County” news section are about (in order) LA’s fashion struggles, LA politician Fabian Nuñez, Palmdale school fights, anti-gang action in Sacramento and “Big L.A. law firms score low on diversity survey.”
  • And finally, John Moorlach: Controversial Supe John Moorlach appeared in a very short live segment on Daybreak OC this morning with Pete Weitzner. Moorlach (pictured before his monthly wax job) explained how, in his view, Orange County Sheriff's deputies are making a killing in pay, perks and pension. He also renewed his attack that the current compensation package could be unconstitutional. But he said the fight would end immediately if deputies agreed to lessen the burden on taxpayers by investing slightly more in their own retirement plans.

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