The Week in Underwhelming OC Polititweeters

Alright, we may have to rethink this thing a bit. After a week of watching them on our newfangled list, we're discovering that Orange County politicians/political celebrities, by and large, are pretty bad at Twitter. I mean, look at this missive from Huntington Beach congressman Dana Rohrabacher:

File this one under #uselesshashtagsmadebypeoplewhodontunderstandtheinternet.

Still, we've got a few sorta-entertaining 140-character bites. We're leaving a lot out, but believe us: You aren't missing much.

We've got senate candidate Chuck DeVore, sidling up to his Republican primary challenger Carly Fiorina and playing a game of “whose is bigger?”

I think the takeaway is supposed to be that Fiorina's a cheater. She probably is! But, Chuck, despite your persistent hyping of your own campaign, she's probably also more popular. Sorry.

Oh look, another charming mini-sermon from Orange County's great fake-moderate preacher, Rick Warren!

That's right. From Warren, we learn that Christianity simultaneously imparts a suffocating sense of smugness and a penchant for total incoherence. (We're not saying that's necessarily true. But it's what you're led to believe if you follow the man behind the Purpose Driven Life).

Finally, Jon Fleischman, czar of California Republihacks, delivers a welcome message to other Republihacks:

Yes! OC Weekly finally agrees with the Flash Report. Take Jon's advice, everyone, and this column will be a little more fun to read.

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