The Top Five Artistic Depictions of Orly Taitz

Clockwork Coker sent me this Photoshop job he saw posted on Crooks and Liars:

It's the “Taitz-Tanic,” see. Lou Dobbs is being targeted by Media Matters for his questions about Barack Obama's eligibility for the presidency, while Laguna Niguel's attorney/dentist Orly Taitz has recently faced a number of public setbacks in her quest to remove Obama from office. Hence, the ship's sinking.

With her unrelenting drive and flair for… drama… Taitz does sometimes seem like a movie character. Or a cartoon.
Naturally, she inspires creativity. Click through for the best artistic representations of Orange County's favorite “birther”–or, as she prefers, “eligiblity activist.”


Way back before Orly Taitz became a semi-household name, before we put her quest on the cover of the Weekly, Rumproast was reading her blog and creating companion illustrations for Dr. Taitz's adventures. Here, in the first chapter of Rumproast's The Orliad and the Idiocy, artist “Mrs. Polly” takes inspiration from a Taitz follower calling her “our Joan of Arc.” 

Another gem, this one showing Orly's famous confrontation with Supreme Court justice John Roberts:

Check out the rest of the saga, including a chapter called “Orly Saves Humanity,” here.

Click through the numbers below for four more certified copies of Orly Taitz depictions.


Even with a Kenyan in the Oval Office, the Internet has continued to do what it's supposed to do: mash up memes. It should be noted that Dr. Taitz for a long time had the original ORLY? owl posted on her website — sans fab hairdo — with the label “our mascot.” Hat tip to Wikiality.


Dan Lacey has famously painted pancake-laden portraits of figures such as Sarah Palin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It was only a matter of time before he produced this work, titled Orly Taitz, Pancake Birther.


The Taitz-Tanic was just a follow-up for Blue Gal. Earlier was this, Dobbs On A Hot Taitz Proof.

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