The New Economy Will Run On ChuckBucks

If Chuck DeVore, the State Assemblyman from Irvine, wins the seat he seeks in the U.S. Senate, can he fix the financial woes of California and the country?

All signs point to yes, given his campaign's latest innovation: ChuckBucks.

The dollar is kind of done, don't you agree? DeVore might be on to something by inventing his own currency.

Sure, right now, the value of ChuckBucks are supposedly pegged to the dollar. Buy ten ChuckBucks, and DeVore gets ten dollars — enough to print some campaign bumper stickers, apparently.

But think of the possibilities.

Once the election is over and DeVore has inevitably defeated Republican challenger Carly Fiorina and Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer, DeVore should let the value of ChuckBucks float. Leave it up to the free market decide how much each CB is worth.

Chances are, given their relative scarcity, ChuckBucks will become valuable. Demand will rise as new DeVore fans are created merely by exposure to his magnetic personality, willingness to leave comments on blogs and mastery of low-quality YouTube montage.

Essentially, ChuckBucks might become our next great bubble — and we could use one of those. We may talk shit on subprime mortgages and dot-coms now, but how great were 1998 and 2005?

So buy ChuckBucks to have a leg up on the New Economy. Or: Buy them because it's Oct. 29 and the DeVore campaign hasn't yet even reached 40% of its October fundraising goal. Whatever.

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