That's Classified

It's been a long time since we surfed the online classifieds for your entertainment. We shan't deprive you any longer.

Love in all the wrong places:

“Let me spoil u/ Young black and sexy.” See photo. Scratch head. As for the spoiling, check out his ride.

“Ecstasy with a senior citizen.” Errr…will send this one to mum.

Let's hate humanity together: “I hate people. I am a 28 year old single people-hater…”

HOT LATINO LOOKING NICE GIRL: “you can faund me on mo*****@ya***.com.”

“Ugly face sitter wanted.” Well, since you asked so nicely…

“Big Breasts are my DESTINY!!! <- a true believer, that one.

Local Freebies: Bamboo. Fish. Hair dressing for men. Bus seats.

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