Taitz Minions Launch Attack on Santa Ana Judge's Clerk

Besides asking for donations to help pay off the $20,000 fine imposed upon her by a Georgia judge last week, Laguna Niguel's Orly Taitz has been lately filling her blog with comments from contributors making hay about a law clerk working in the office of David Carter, the judge who's  been hearing her lawsuit against Barack Obama in federal court in Santa Ana.

The target is Siddharth Velamoor. Wikipedia, apparently, listed him as a clerk for Carter. Previously, he worked at law firm Perkins Coie. Perkins Cole has hundreds of lawyers nationwide on its roster. One of those lawyers, Robert Bauer, has worked for Obama.

Hence, of course, there's a conspiracy in the federal courts and Carter–the one judge in America who has shown Taitz patience instead of dismissing her case out of hand–is biased.

One article posted on Taitz's blog called Velamoor's hiring an “UNIMAGINABLE, UNBELIEVABLE, OUTRAGEOUS MOVE.”

On the right-wing fringe forums AXJ, there's a unique angle on what Mr. Velamoor's up to:

Apparently Mr. Siddharth Velamoor is a
clerk for Judge Carter and may also be a spy for the DNC and an
informant of what Judge Carter is deciding in this case.

This is not unusual in Dictatorships and Franco, Hitler &
Mussolini had informants in every office of Government and as in Cuba,
normal people are paid nicely to tell Castro what THE PEOPLE are really
thinking and planning.

Its should be noted here that Perkins and Coie employs hundreds of lawyers, has offices around the world, and high-profile clients that include craigslist,  REI and most Democratic members of congress. And there's no evidence that Velamoor ever had a professional relationship with Obama. These things are not noted on Taitz's blog.

What is noted is that Velamoor went to Columbia–just like Obama! Taitz wonders on her site what it could all mean, and then exhorts her followers to do the responsible thing: “someone check if there are multiple addresses and SS numbers for this person.”

Yes, prying about the social security numbers of private citizens. It got Taitz sued once, but lightning doesn't strike twice, right?

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