Riding a bike is probably the most fun you can have outside of great sex and getting so wasted you can't stop laughing at the stupid jokes your friend is making. Get on a bike, and you're instantly transported to a magical time when you lived for summers so you could ride down to 7-Eleven to buy a Rocket Pop. As grown-ups (who, us?), we can ride for sport, exercise, or as a way to get around to bars or breakfast and mimosas without killing anyone [Editors note: Section 21200.5 of the California Vehicle Code does prohibit the operation of a bicycle while intoxicated . . . just sayin']. Seeing gangs of people riding around on their bikes even makes everyone else want to ride along because riding a bike, especially while in a group, is fun. It's total freedom. It says, “I am a freedom-lover.” The only thing that could bum your ride out is needing to fix said bike. Just yesterday, I had to walk my darling old pink bike all the way back home from a friend's house because the poor girl's tires were flat. It was like I had lost the use of my freedom legs. Sad, I know! So some great people at the Bicycle Tree had an idea. Located in Anaheim, the Bicycle Tree is a nonprofit bicycle-repair facility providing free tool access, used bicycles and parts, and bicycle-repair education. Recycling? Parts? Education? Tools? It's like the greatest invention ever (the bike) got married to another great idea (communal bike fixing and recycling), and they're inviting you to the reception. Super-kid-genius fun.

Bicycle Recycling at the Bicycle Tree, 502 W. Victor Ave., Anaheim, (714) 956-4256; www.thebicycletree.com. Every Thurs., 5-9 p.m.

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