Spend Halloween Fighting for Obama's Spoooky Healthcare Plan

Objectively, health-care reform is “scary.” As in, it scares people. Some people.

And even if many of those people also think that FOX News will soon be made illegal and the swing flu vaccine comes with a mind-control chip, well… they're still people.

So it's not totally crazy to want to spend Halloween advocating for health-care reform. Instead of further freaking out those people who are already scared, though, you might want to focus on assuaging their fears.

MoveOn.org (remember them!?) will be sponsoring a demonstration in Anaheim on Halloween night. Starting at 7 p.m., progressives and their friends will blitz the four corners of Katella and Harbor Blvd. with signs, pamphlets and fliers to advocate for reform. Because so often, it's the Disneyland tourists who need their eyes opened.

Details here.

Will there be costumes? MoveOn says yes: “To get people's attention and add an air of fun to the day, we'll dress up like people who need help (all
bandaged, etc.) or an evil insurance company!”

We take it, then, that Mike Schroeder costumes are fair game. Chiropractic insurance still is insurance, and he's got the “evil” thing down pat.

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