Snap Judgment: Rally Monday at Angel Stadium

Photographer Christopher Victorio hung out at Angel Stadium yesterday evening to snap pix of rabid fans and former Angels. Click the photo to see them. His notes on the event:

“Last night was pretty cool. Total access for the entire stadium! It was like a boyhood dream, but I was disappointed that the team was not there and that I couldn't get an autograph without running the risk of being blacklisted.

The Register reports that some 15,000-20,000 fans showed up. Hearing the roar they made from the field level was deafening! The whole thing was a trip, but it sort of flat-lined after the former Angels spoke.

In other news, The English Beat was great! They did their hits. But the USC marching band was a disappointment. It was a partial squad and I'm pretty sure it was just freshmen and sophomores on the green. Perhaps the upperclassmen got a break since they did play in Seattle this past weekend.

After the former players spoke, they did a highlight reel of the season. Then, fireworks. Ooh, Fireworks! Great for the kids, but not for me, unless choreographed by the National Philharmonic.”

Gah. Victorio's a tough guy to please. But thanks for the pictures, dude.

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