Re: Press Club Awards

Some highlights:

– Yahoo's open bar and their token Yahootinis (basically Lemon Drop martinis with some strange medicinal aftertaste). And their nuclear ice cubes. (See photo.)
– Gear from the L.A. County Coroner's Office gracing the silent auction – and becoming a major draw.
– Arianna Huffington and Kevin Sites accidentally failing to announce that the Times' “Altered Oceans” team won the Newspaper Design category – though the screen across them did.
– The return of LYT's fabled rainbow 'do.
– Lalo Alcaraz of La Cucaracha fame getting mistaken for Gustavo Arellano, and then drunkenly hopping onstage to tell the white crowd to cut it out.
– Gustavo to the Press Club board after receiving his award: “I owe all of you a complimentary pool cleaning.”
– The muttering woman I kept seeing in the bathroom over the span of 45 minutes (don’t ask) turned out to be the LAT's Patt Morrison. In her matching Victorian-era peach dress and wide-brimmed hat, who else could it have been?

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