Re-Do for Disneyland's Less Popular Sis

Hey, California Adventure. Disneyland is truly the place “where dreams come true.” And, you’re the proof.

Earlier this morning, Disney officials released information concerning the future expansion of California Adventure, Disneyland’s boring sister. So it seems that “wishing upon a star” can lead to something worthwhile: another shot at being considered something other than a failure.

Since its opening, California Adventure has pretty much been a letdown to visitors and the Disney Company alike. Disneyland’s shoes were just too freaking big to fill. Opening a mere six years ago in February of 2001, the theme park has attracted nowhere near the volume of visitors that Disneyland does on a daily and yearly basis. But, Disney officials hope to change this by strengthening their weak link of a park.

The expansion includes a new 12-acre Cars Land, which obviously is inspired by the 2006 Disney/Pixar film, Cars. Hopefully it goes above and beyond Disneyland’s popular Autopia attraction, which has been around since the park’s opening in 1955.

A few other of the to-be attractions also draw inspiration from Disney films, like The Little Mermaid (pictured) and Toy Story. A new nighttime “spectacular” is in the works for the Paradise Pier area. The show’s description as a “nightly panorama of spectacular water effects, colorful lighting and music” sounds a bit like Disneyland’s Fantasmic!, no? Check out concept photos of the upcoming attractions here.

The expansion is estimated at costing around $1.1 billion and being completed around 2012. Start saving now cuz once those new attractions open, ticket prices are bound to go up. How else would Disney have it?

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