Prepare For The Untold Disasters In South County's Future

Do your best to imagine the following:

The year is 2010. I Love Bagels has run out of shmear. Golden Spoon only offers gummy bears as topping. Lauren Conrad L.A. Candy has fallen off of the Amazon Top 1000 list. Dana Point Harbor no longer smells like cigarettes, fish and ice cream. The roots have begun to show in Diane Harkey's bang highlights. Laguna Beach High School has switched its mascot back to being “The Artists.”

These are all South County disasters. Are you prepared?


Approximately 8 in 10 Orange County residents aren't. At least, that's according to South County Disaster Preparedness Expo press release we received, which cites as a source of that statistic even though ReadyOC clearly says 7 out of 10…

yeah, there's a South County Disaster Preparedness Expo tomorrow, Oct.
17. It should ready you not only for the catastrophes listed above, but
also for generic mishaps like fires and earthquakes and nuclear
meltdowns. It'll be at the Norman P. Murray Center in Mission Viejo. What's attractions are there for fun lovers?

booths at the Expo will offer informative, interactive displays, such
as moulage applications to simulate injuries, AlertOC registrations for
emergency notifications, and CPR demonstrations for both humans and
pets. Several response vehicles will be on site, including the new OC
Fire Authority firefighting helicopters, aerial bucket vehicles and a
mobile shelter unit.”

Ok, raise your hand if you had to Google
“moulage.” Gross pictures, right? Should be cool. And if you just can't
get enough do-rightedness in your Saturday with merely the Expo,
Mission Viejo's “Walk Against Drugs” will be going on at the same time.

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