Pelosi Coming to OC, Maybe Celebrates Her Disapproval Spike

It'll only cost ya $150 to see Nancy Pelosi in Orange County. The Democratic Party of OC's 15th annual Harry S. Truman Awards Dinner on Dec. 4 will feature the House Majority Leader as keynote speaker.

Santa Ana State Assemblyman Jose Solorio will take home the Truman, while Florice Hoffman will net the Samuel Gompers Award and Marti Schrank the Lifetime Achievement Award. No, we don't really know what any of these things mean.

Hey, look at this: The latest Field poll finds Pelosi “not popular” in California. Forty-four percent of registered voters in California disapprove of her, which is a leap from 35% in March.

The location for the awards dinner and DPOC fundraiser hasn't been announced, but Tea Partiers will probably be repeatedly refreshing the DPOC's website until they know where to bring their pitchforks and Hitler signs on Dec. 4.

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