Orly Taitz's Star Witness: The Dentist Asked Me To Lie In Court

Dr. Orly Taitz believes that Barack Obama wants to destroy America, but lately she's been dealing with a different threat: the defection of her former allies in the “eligibility” (a.k.a. “birther”) movement.

The lawsuit against Taitz from fellow birther lawyer Phil Berg has been given a full public airing, as has been her in-court kerfuffle with co-counsel Gary Kreep. It's been widely reported, too, that potential crazy person Larry Sinclair — the guy who claims he had gay sex in a limo with Obama in the '90s — says he's submitted an affidavit stating that Taitz asked him to lie under oath about Obama killing people.

Now, it looks like she's lost the support of the very person she called “crucial” to her case. Lucas Smith, the 29-year-old Iowan whom Taitz flew from the Dominican Republic to testify in Santa Ana federal court about obtaining Obama's birth certificate, now says he can no longer work with her. Like Sinclair, he says that Taitz asked him to lie in court.

“I finally told her to forget it, we'll part ways,” Smith told the Weekly on the phone. “I definitely do not want anything to do with this dentist wannabe movie star.”

The story of the falling out between Smith and Taitz is buried in the comments stream on Smith's YouTube channel. YouTube, after all, was where Smith debuted the supposed Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama. (hat tip to BadFiction on this)

As Smith tells it, the “blow up” between him and Taitz came this past Tuesday as a result of Taitz's recent quest, made only more fervent by Judge David Carter's attempt to end it, to get Wiley Drake's lawyer Gary Kreep out of her lawsuit.  Smith says Taitz told him to testify in court that Kreep had tried to buy the Kenyan birth certificate off of him so as to “bury it.” Smith says that never happened. He also says she tried to get him to vounch for the other possibly fake Kenyan birth certificate that Taitz filed with her lawsuit

“I'm not going to discredit my own story for her lawsuit,” Smith said. “Let's not fight lies with lies.”

Smith also has a litany of complaints about Taitz's personal demenor, actions and motives. He says she used him by promising to put him in a hotel room but then having him stay at the home of a supporter. He says she had no interest in researching leads that might help the case against Obama, and that she offended him by telling him to “get a job.”

In court last week, Taitz unsuccessfully pleaded with the judge to let Smith testify that very day because he might soon be killed. “She made a big deal about that in open court,” Smiths says. “Once court was over, she definitely had no concern for my life.”

It should be noted that Smith's credibility had been called into question even before Taitz flew him to California. World Net Daily — yes, the birther clearinghouse World Net Daily — has attacked the veracity of Smith's Kenyan birth certificate and spotlighted Smith's criminal record, which includes an attempt to sell his own kidney.

When contacted by the Weekly, Taitz responded to Smith's version of events by saying in an email that “none of it is true.” There is one exception, of course: “The only true thing is the declaration that he filed with court under penalty of perjury, stating that the attached certified copy of Obama's Kenyan BC is the true and correct copy.”

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