Orange County Tea Parties Open To All, Including Neo-Nazis

Think those “Tea Parties” you keep hearing about on Fox News and in the Register are just for Obama-hating Republicans? You, sir or ma'am, are sorely mistaken:

organizers – who say the rallies aren't motivated by any one political
party, but by grassroots efforts – expect the rallies and shared
opinions to go beyond Tax Day.

See? Grassroots. Grassroots. It's grassroots. And why not? A growing deficit, a strangely structured bank bailout, corporate bonuses, a tax increase in California, Bo Obama not coming from a shelter… there are lots of things that might cause perfectly normal people to¬† want to blow off some steam.

There are rallies scheduled all over the county for tomorrow, the largest likely being the one at the Santa Ana Civic Center, noon to two, that will star U.S. representative Dana Rohrabacher.

Sure, there are naysayers in the media who like to point out the extent to which corporations are playing a role in this grassroots effort. And one blog even took a page from the hack playbook, trying to discredit the protest movement by finding some fringe members. In this case, they dug up white supremacists on Stormfront, the neo-Nazi message board:

I believe that this is the white revolution we've been waiting for.

It doesn't look what we expected but this is it.

I've seen probably 50 videos on TV showing previous marches and what strikes me is that the participants are all WHITE.
It stands to reason . . . we're the ones being taxed to support
Affirmative Action, Welfare and other worthless social programs. It's
our tax dollars going to ACORN and supporting the 12 million illegals
swarming into our neighborhoods.

Well, even if that's a cheap shot to blog about, you have to admit it's kind of spooky. Luckily, the dude who wrote that says he's going to a rally in Texas.

Oh wait. What's this on Stormfront? A guy who starts up a Tea Party thread offers: “So Cal SFer's will be out there stirring it up in Santa Ana.”

And then another poster politely chimes in, “I will be attending the Tea Party in Santa Ana.”

Hope the tea isn't black.


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