OC Dumpster Diving

New York-based website www.Freegan.info hopes to become the craigslist of dumpster diving by providing a forum for refuse eaters all over the country to meet and share tips.

With listings of the best places to forage for free discarded goodies in cities all over the country (only a few so far, mostly in New Jersey for some reason), Freegan hopes to change the way Americans think about sustainable living. The Freegan philosophy is anti-consumerism and anti-factory farming of animals. Their credo: “Strategies for Sustainable Living Beyond Capitalism.”

Those Orange County residents with garbage clinging to their rosy lips will be happy to hear we are included on the list of foraging areas. So far there isn't much useful information – just one listing. Get your bicycles ready and leave plenty of room in your handlebar basket because the lid is about to blow off this little secret…

Trader Joe's dumpster: “What You'll Find: LOTS of bags of potato chips.”

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