OC Blogosphere Good At Twittering, Name-Calling

We were impressed to see Red County find a use for Twitter that we don't feel even a little guilty about wasting time with: a feed for updates about the Assembly District 72 race. You know, the election to replace The Big Dripper, “Open Mic” Mike “Spanky” Duvall (There's a raging controversy here in the Weekly offices as to what to call him. More accurately, there's just a lot of rage on our part that everyone else seems to be opting for the ultra-tame “Spanky” over the far more evocative “Big Dripper”).

The Republican writers at Red County keep twitter.com/ad72special updated with nearly every campaign contribution, endorsement and dollop of slung mud in the race that's thus far been an ugly pre-primary showdown between Chris Norby and Linda Ackerman.

Follow it! If you care about OC politics, it's useful. How else will you learn about which candidate Ware Disposal is supporting at the same time as you learn what Ashton Kutcher is doing about global warming and what your neighbor thinks about Balloon Boy?

Another highlight from our latest scan of Red County: The Great OC Blog Wars of 2009 are heating up!

For months, nay, years, nay, generations, Orange County's scrappiest and most poorly formatted blog, Orange Juice Blog, has shot spitballs at Red County, calling it “Red Clownty” and “Red-Faced County.” RC editor Matt Cunningham's handle, Jubal, became “Jerbal” in the hands of Orange Juice's Art Pedroza.

Tony Bushala over at Friends for Fullerton's Future has been generally putting on the same anti-Red County stance as Pedroza. FFFF got real classy the other day with an entire post devoted to fleshing out the extended metaphor of Matt Cunningham as “Fart Boy,” the guy who “has finally come¬†across a situation where he can't compliment everyone in the room for their aroma¬†at the same time.”

Cunningham has sometimes ignored the noise, sometimes taken to the comments sections of enemy blogs to respond, and sometimes pushed back with posts on his own site. But now, he's taking the opposition's method and using it against them. Yes, he has devised devious nicknames.

Orange Juice? It's Orange Joke now. Friends For Fullerton's Future? Try Fringe for Fullerton's Future

This is getting good. We're hoping more blogs enter the fray so we can see the depths of Orange County's creative pettiness. Who wouldn't want to read about the Lie-beral OC? Or Orange County Poo-gressive? Beyond The Hackboard, anyone?

Anybody got any ideas for what to do with “Navel Gazing?”

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