No Street Cred

The county's biggest public worker union called on all OC factions — Republicans, Democrats and all those in-between — to join them in a countywide recall effort to remove County Treasurer-Tax Collector, Chriss Street, from office. The County's money manager is under investigation by the Orange County DA's office, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the Department of Labor and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation for, among other things, spending $1 million on his office remodel and awarding a $23,000 contract to a former employee. Nick Berardino, head of the Orange County Employees Association made the announcement this morning. “Our effort will only be successful if we have a non-partisan approach,” Berardino told reporters. The group says it will wait ten days or so to see if other county groups join the recall effort, which would require 170,000 signatures for a special election. County Supervisor and former Street supporter, John Moorlach, has asked Street to resign, but yesterday Street refused, announcing that he will stay in office even if the county strips him of investment powers. In an effort to calm those worried about his questionable spending habits, Street handed out three-ring binders with explanations for his behavior.

Photo: Moorlach and Street during better times.

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