No Pretrial (Yet) for Indicted Ex-School Superintendent

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIndicted Capistrano Unified School District ex-superintendent James Fleming, and his old cohort, former assistant superintendent Susan McGill had the chance to breathe sighs of relief this morning. Lawyers for the two were granted a motion to reschedule a pretrial hearing which was scheduled for this morning at the Orange County District Court. The new date is now Feb. 8, 2008. Both Fleming and McGill were indicted in late May for conspiring to commit acts injurious to the public and misappropriating district funds to create lists of proponents of a recall election intended to oust the seven school board trustees. Superior court judge Carla Singer said the new pretrial date will give her time to read through the hefty stack of grand jury transcripts produced by the OC district attorney's office as part of the investigation. A new jury trial date will not be set until after the Feb. 8 pretrial. (See “Hard Knocks”, Oct. 5).

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