New Fantasmic! Dragon (Finally) Fires Up Disneyland

So on Wednesday night, the new Fantasmic! dragon at
Disneyland had its first fully successful run and the geeks rejoiced. It was
supposed to be up Monday, but was delayed due to technical difficulties. And
on Tuesday, it had its first run but was not spitting fire.

As for Wednesday, when I actually went . . . well, let's just say
that it's been years since I've seen the show so I don't remember what the old
model looks like but . . . let me get this out of the way now.

Oh my God! That thing
is so freakin' awesome! I want to take one home!

More pictures, responses, and video after the jump.


The old dragon, consisting of a head on a pole (not my
words), was taken down in March, and a new, improved, 45-foot version was
supposed to debut in June as the crown jewel of Disneyland's “Summer
event. This new version was going to be a full-bodied replica of
dragon Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” and it was supposed to move. And it never
showed up. For the entire summer.

By summer's end, the dragon has since been rechristened Murphy (ie: Murphy's Law) by the Disney bloggers for its continuing stage fright.

But Wednesday, Murphy the Magic Dragon finally arrived, about 45 minutes
into the show, following the giant, moving ticking alligator and the 37-feet-long,
creepy-as-hell, slithering Flotsam and Jetsam (those are new too, I believe).

Then the smoked cleared, my friend squealed and the audience cheered (“Go Murphy!” said someone in the crowd). Strange to see everyone rooting for the dragon but then again, wouldn't you?

It breathes fire now!

The little kid next
to me, who had been screaming for the last hour, was finally quiet while he watched
the show, and could only say an energetic “Wow!” after seeing it. It seems that
big, shiny, fire-breathing dragons had the ability to quiet 2-year-old boys. It is magical. . .

My friend Kayleigh had only one thing
to say about it, “Fierce.” Or rather, “That was so freakin' fierce!”

Even on Twitter, it seems that the fire-breathing monstrosity
(said in the most loving way possible) did not disappoint.

Elphiero @arielriann
dude the dragon in Fantasmic is fixed. It looks SO cool!

IfYouSeekAlex Fantasmic dragon shot fire
tonight. I jumped up and down like a girl.

StephenChampion I have a problem. It's called
YouTube. People can upload videos, and I can't stop watching them. #Fantasmic!

MaryHollywood I've decided i'm going to see Fantasmic
every night!

The dragon is set to run until Sunday during the Labor Day
holidays from 9-10 p.m. After that, it will run from Friday to
until the Christmas holidays. It will go on vacation from January until
March while the Rivers of America is drained and cleaned. Then it will be back up in time
for Spring Break. So if you do not want to wait until next April to see it, go
now. . .

Or just comfort yourself with YouTube videos. Your choice. But you'll be missing out. Was anyone else at Disneyland last night, what did you think of it?

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