More woes for toll lovers

Apparently building a six lane, 16 mile long toll road right down the middle of an environmentally protected state park would break some hippy-dippy law from way back in the 70s, according to the eco-nazis at the California Coastal Commission via the Los Angeles Times.

The commission released a 236-page analysis that surprisingly contradicts a previous report by the toll-road builders, the Transportation Corridor Agencies. The coastal commission seems to think the road would lead to “widespread violations of state environmental laws designed to protect endangered species, natural resources and recreational opportunities,” while the TCA's scientists concluded the road would actually bolster the park by creating a freeway from which to shower the environment with candy colored rainbow syrup, thereby making it better.

It makes one wonder how two teams of scientists could look at the same data and come up with two wildly divergent views. Let's see, the coastal commission is a government-created agency that is charged with preserving the natural beauty of California's hundreds of miles of coast. TCA is a private interest-created entity charged with expanding suburban development into otherwise remote areas and fill the lands with the splendor of more McMansions and Home Depots.

Not sure whether this latests development will lead to more delays. The $53 million per mile road has already had it's construction pushed back from an originally rosy start date of this summer to an increasingly wilty indefinite future date. Currently TCA hopes to begin in 2011.

Photo: LAT

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