Mission Viejo Recall Proponent Becomes Candidate

Dale Tyler, the man who was signatory number one of 52 on the initial letter announcing the recall of Mission Viejo Mayor Pro Tem Lance MacLean, has moved to be the first candidate in the race to potentially replace embattled councilman.

No other candidates have yet pulled papers with the City of Mission Viejo, though if they do you'll be able to see it here.

The election will be on Feb. 2, 2010. On the ballot will be two questions. One will ask whether MacLean should be recalled; the second will ask which candidate should replace him if he is recalled.

Tyler, an engineer, is the man behind the crusty-looking gadfly blog Mission Viejo Watchdogs, and has been an activist in Mission Viejo since the mid-1990s. In our cover story on the recall, Tyler called MacLean “a stain on the character of Mission Viejo.”

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