Mexican Institute of Sound: A House of Blues Highlight!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketLast night all eyes would be focused on Lee “Scratch” Perry's performance at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Honestly? I was only there to catch the all too brief performance by Mexican Institute of Sound. I had just arrived, roughly thirty minutes after the “arrive at 7” marker – and glancing up at the big screen tv, I see that my boys had already taken the stage.

Balancing a cup full of Stella Artois, Billy Joe ( happy birthday, cousin! ) and I dashed down the staircase and into a room of, well – NOBODY – fine, maybe ten people? Yes, ten frickin' stoic people! A damned shame. I wish my friend/former roomate, Rebecca could've joined me ( we used to dance to this album in our living room, almost daily ) or even Ofelia ( who jogs to this album on the weekends ) Le sigh…yup, they would've loved it.

It was a short but sweet set, including “Mirando a Las Muchachas” – a happy little mix that would make Austin Powers smirk with glee. If you have seen the movie, La Mujer de Mi Hermano, theirs' is “El Tiempo Es Muy Largo” – one of the main highlights of an already killer soundtrack – a liquid sound combined with a reggae beat and all the viscosity of a warm and delicious maple syrup.

Camilo Lara, head of MIS, is a charming and intelligent man – informing me on all aspects of his music and his beloved Mexico D.F. -his hometown and the source of inspiration. He melds bits and pieces of cumbia and cha cha cha snipets – set to electronica and other nostalgic samplings.

It's like a trip through Mexico City…

Before the release of his debut album titled, Méjico Máxico, he had collaborated on remixes for many bands, including Placebo. His second album, Piñata (in stores now) features “El Microfono” – a clanking, cooingly smooth track, featuring a playful freestyle rap session–also, a highly enjoyable, energy packed finale to their Friday night set. One of the many reasons to swipe up these albums as soon as possible.

Accompanying Camilo on this particular evening was redheaded Andres Sanchez, another resident of D.F. and fellow talented DJ. His, Sanchez Dub N The Bootsraps cd is an impressive mix of tracks, guaranteed to stir the imagination as you ride the waves of its' ambient sound.

Check them out! N

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