Letters to the Editor – 9/11/98

Contact us via voice mail at (714) 825-8432, or by e-mail: le*****@oc******.com. Or write to Letters to the Editor, OC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Or fax: (714) 708-8410. Letters may be edited for clarity and length. All correspondence must include your home city or service provider and a daytime phone number.CHA-CHA-CHA-CHANGESOnce again, county planners have confessed that they are being led by leading Orange County developers and real-estate professionals when it comes to the new “Airport and Open Space Plan” (El Toro Airport Watch No. 77, Sept. 3). The county has been told that commercial centers will not be needed around the proposed airport and would only compete with private developments elsewhere, like the Anaheim Convention Center and Edison International Field. In other words, the planners changed the plan because they thought this is what we wanted to hear rather than what would work. A director of planning and development stated, “I think the landowners and the major developers are going to give a sigh of relief when they see this plan.”County planners spent $4 million on the original plans and are now starting over. How many more times will they change their minds? It's time to make some changes; we have planners who set low standards and then consistently fail to achieve them.-Rick Reavis
Mission Viejo

GATE KEEPERI really enjoyed Dave Wielenga's “I Want You to Go Home” (First Person, Aug. 28) because I think it works on a number of levels. You see, it doesn't matter whether you call yourself rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful; whether you sit in the right-field bleachers or the Diamond Section at Angel Stadium; or where you live in relation to the gates of Newport Ridge Estates.In our minds, we all live behind gates-emotional and intellectual barriers we erect out of fear-that keep us separate from those we perceive as unlike ourselves. As long as we look for differences in others-and we'll always find them-we move farther and farther away from healing the social chasms that hurt us all, no matter what kind of car we drive or what our bank account looks like. -Meredith Gordon Resnick

BARD DORNANEditor's note: The following submission followed former Congressman Robert K. Dornan's performance at a recent Orange County poetry reading (Dornan Confidential, Aug. 28).B-1 Bob Goes Uptown on the ReboundHe's discovered that they are planning an evil plan.Got himself some new friends. Palling around with Yeats and Shakespeare. Writing romantic villanelles to Congress; slanderous odes to Loretta Sanchez. B-1 Bob is moving up. Paparazzi to cover the moment of style. (Surely, he must be a poet-just look how readily he makes everyone smile!)This evil plan they are planning is so evil its planning is both evil and very well-planned.The White House lawn is now a trailer park. The real president was exposed as a huge, black, voodoo priestess. Clinton was a shill. He didn't mean to have sexual relations with all those women. It was the doll, you see. Sage and pig's blood, the eye of a Patagonias-Felas. It was odd the DNA on the dress didn't match with any known human currency.This evil plan that they are planning is documented in documental planning footage of their evil plan.The Secret Service has offered little comment, but Monica Lewinsky gave birth to an 8-pound baby girl. The doctors cannot explain the baby's quick grasp of language, quantum physics, astrology and paranormal activity. Yet even more puzzling is its predilection for menudo, the music of Kenny G and the afternoon tabloids.In the end, it is certain their planned evil plans will be curtailed. You see, God has planned it that way.B-1 Bob is poetry.On his answering machine, he bellows metaphorically:”I NAVIGATE THE WORLD OF CAMPAIGNS! HEY, BUDDY, I SERVED WITH CHARLEMAGNE! THIS IS THE CENTER, FRIEND! LEAVE A MESSAGE, AS YOU'VE BEEN TOLD! LEAVE A MESSAGE; I CANNOT HOLD!”He often gets hang-ups, but, he reasons, it's probably Hermandad.If his plans go as he planned, he plans to take the documented planning footage of their planned evil plans.When the end comes, B-1 Bob will be ready. The collected works of McKuen in one hand, a flaming sword in another. He will face the Antichrist: that Hispanic, liberal, dirty, beret-wearing beatnik! Bob will shout: “SURELY THE SECOND COMING IS AT HAND!” as he demands a re-count at taxpayers' expense.He plans you will understand his plans.-Jaimes Palacio
Long Beach

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