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Editor's note: The following is a letter from Anton Newcombe, subject of Nick Schou's “Not Fade Away,” Dec. 22. Newcombe levels so many possibly libelous charges against the (we'll assume “former”) friends who were quoted in Schou's story, once we're done deleting them, it reads like the White House vetted it for “national security” reasons before publication in The New York Times. If you like that kind of thing, please enjoy.

Did you ask Nick Sjobeck how many times he's [deleted]? How about Nate Shaw? How many times he's [here too!] and why he hasn't done anything? Or Mike Sjobeck, how he [gone]? Or how his [seriously, we're not printing that]? Typical bullshit and pretty weak at that. Good luck with your day job.
Anton Alfred Newcombe
Via e-mail

Props to Mr. Schou for his excellent article on Tony “Anton” Newcombe—one of the better Weekly articles in recent memory [Nick Schou's “Not Fade Away,” Dec. 22]. I've always dug the Brian Jonestown Massacre, but have never deified Newcombe the way some fans have. As my girlfriend put it after reading the article, “He reminds me of a lot of my friends at [Costa Mesa High School]. Smart and full of ideas, but they just drop out of school and do nothing with their lives. Well, then again, he is a successful . . . well, no.” Reading the article, I couldn't help but see parallels between Newcombe and any one of my assorted friends in Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach. The dudes that are eccentric, intelligent, fun (in small doses), and will crash on your couch for weeks on end until you ask them about finding a job and contributing rent, upon which you don't hear from them for a while. Thank you for deflating some of the legend and mystery surrounding a guy who is really no different than any other of us bored, Freon-huffing weirdos that populate this county.
Jonathan Yates
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Why does the Weakly publish letters from total dumb fucks who go on to praise your columnists or tell you how funny you are? Does this somehow make your work better? Sometimes your articles are funny, interesting, etc., etc. But who fucking cares what some moron thinks about your paper/authors. You guys are assholes for printing those self-serving letters and it's embarrassing for those of us who have to read them. Fuck you.
Newport Beach

Someone replies: You'll be delighted to know that our aim is not to exclusively publish letters from “total dumb fucks who go on to praise” us. For instance, we also publish the letters of those who continue to believe spelling Weekly with an “A” is clever. For the record, is this the third or fourth letter you've mailed in over the past few months? And correct me if I'm wrong, but Weekly was spelled with an “A” in each of those too, right? I'm just saying.

Like the Asian girl Kris said [Letters, Dec. 22], I have no problem with mixed-race couples either; but it does bother me to see a black woman with a white male. It feels like a betrayal, but if she really cares for him then so be it! My son is half white but I never set out to find a white girl, and his mother acts more black than I do. It was a sexual thing at first and then I found out I cared about her. It didn't last but a son was produced from it. I spent 13 months in Korea when I was in the military so I had my fair share of Asian women, too. It wasn't a fetish—I liked having sex with Asian women and would do it again if I got the chance. Women are all the same to me and a pretty girl is a pretty girl regardless of her race or nationality. In America, white women are still held up as the standard of beauty; and that's what's wrong here. I would tell any man to do some traveling and you'll see that there are a lot of beautiful women in this world and they are all over the place! When I go to the strip club I feel like a boy in a candy store—I taste all the flavors that are there and that's how I like it. Why limit yourself to one race? But also, why go out of your race? Be yourself and be genuine and real love will come!
Via e-mail

That Mike Schroeder is scum who you know reeks [R. Scott Moxley's “The Reporter vs. the Republican Power Couple,” Dec. 15]. The Republicans go to war against each other for control and power. I can't wait until the feds go after them. Keep exposing the high-horsed big shots in the county.
Via e-mail

[Re: The early years of comedian Michael Ian Black] You forgot to plug what started it all, MTV's The State[Vickie Chang's “Comedian Crushes,” Dec. 15]! By the way Vickie, you're hot. Nuh muh eepuh.
Dowon Kim Gaudiano
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Vickie Chang replies: That gibberish at the end—is it supposed to be Mandarin? I dunno. I've been Chinese for 21 years and I don't think that means what you think it means.

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