Judge Sends the Law after Orly Taitz for Ignoring $20,000 Fine

A Georgia federal judge last month fined Laguna Niguel's Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. for repeatedly filing “frivolous” lawsuits about Barack Obama's eligibility to be president. The deadline to pay that fine came and went Thursday; Taitz told the Columbia Ledger-Enquirer that she has no intention of paying it.

“Absolutely not,” Taitz said Thursday afternoon when asked whether she
would pay. “I have filed an appeal. It was a complete abuse of power.”

But filing an appeal doesn't push back the deadline to pay sanctions. Taitz is about to find that out the hard way.

Here's what came out of a U.S. District Court today:

“Orly Taitz has failed to pay the $20,000.00 sanction ordered by the
Court on October 13, 2009. Accordingly, the Clerk is ordered to enter
final judgment in favor of the United States of America and against
Orly Taitz in the principal amount of $20,000.00. The United States
Attorney is authorized and directed to collect the judgment as provided
by law.
IT IS SO ORDERED, this 13th day of November, 2009. “

Will we soon see Taitz's Rancho Santa Margarita dental office on the government auction block? Will she put up an armed resistance? One sure bet: No matter how the government attempts to collect, she'll take this opportunity to grab some publicity and be made the first martyr of the birther movement.

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